DENSITEE® Hair Building Fibers – 28 gr – INSTANT solution – Conceals HAIR LOSS and Covers up

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Why would you chose for Densitee?

✔ The advantages of DENSITEE® hair powder?
Densitee hair building fibers, elaborated by Plastimea is a combination of experience in cosmetics and research for hair care.
Immediately after the first application your hair will look thicker and fuller, and the sparse areas will be covered instantly.
DENSITEE ® will ensure you a daily spectacular effect.

✔ Keratin, a powerful and natural solution
Keratin is a 100% natural protein, the main constituent of your hair.
Densitee is therefore totally respectful of your scalp and gives a natural and undetectable effect.
Quick and easy to apply, DENSITEE ® is resistant to wind, rain and perspiration!

✔ Recommended by hair specialists
A scientific proven quality by the HTS label: Densitee is recommended by HTS Clinic (Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic).
This clinic, based in Brussels, with international reputation, is specialized in Hair Transplants.
Densitee is even recommended for people who have had a hair transplant in order to sublimate the result.

• A Bottle of 28 gr
• Keratin Microfibers Hypoallergenic
• Perfect for all hair types and colors
• A bottle hair powder Densitee 28gr will allow you 30-60 applications depending on the area you want to cover.

• Apply on dry and combed hair, that will make it easier to see the areas that need to be treated
• Tilt the bottle to 45° and sprinkle bit by bit, so that the different areas will be covered with powder and will be completely concealed
• For an optimal fixation, please use the fixative Densitee Spray®
NB : Densitee does not stain and will be eliminated during the shampoo


  • ✦ PROFESSIONAL ✦ DENSITEE ® hair powder is derived from the methods used by hairdressers to conceal the effect of alopecia, a phenomenon that touches 1/3 of men younger then 30 years and ½ of men of 50 years old.
  • ✦ 100% NATURAL ✦ DENSITEE ® is made of Keratin, a 100% natural protein one of the main constituents of our hair. Densitee therefore, totally respects your scalp.
  • ✦ INSTANT EFFECT ✦ Thanks to the statically charged microfibers, DENSITEE ® will instantly give you thicker and fuller hair. The sparse areas will be covered immediately✦ GARANTUEED 100% satisfied or refunded
  • ✦ 9 COLORS ✦ Created to respond perfectly to all shades of hair. Our consumer test showed that it is better to choose one shade darker that your natural color.
  • ✦ EUROPEAN STANDARDS ✦ DENSITEE ® is registered at the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) – Regulation (CE) no 1223/2009 and is recommended by the HTS Clinic, Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic in Brussels.


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