Lice Nit Comb Full Stainless Steel Metal Head and Teeth Adults Children Pets


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Description The Isabella Ruby comb is an elegant item which does something quickly and easily that no-one thought could be done at all. The award-winning Isabella Ruby Comb quickly and easily removes not only head lice and unsightly nits, the empty egg cases, but also extracts ‘live’ head louse eggs before they hatch. Instead of using nasty chemicals for this, use the Isabella Ruby comb. This is made possible because of the 33 round-tipped teeth which go through your hair quickly and easily, and the ‘micro-spiral’ groove in each one gently removes anything that’s attached to your hair… lice, nits and even unhatched ‘live’ louse eggs. The rounded tips won’t scratch your scalp – and just one Isabella Ruby Comb is all you need to check and treat the whole family. It gets the job done using advanced design and old-fashioned common sense. We are very proud of it. FEATURES : Removes head lice, nits and eggs. It is chemical free Directions Apply any hair conditioner. Part the hair into sections and comb through each section until clear of lice and eggs. Clear each section before you move to the next. Rinse hair thoroughly when done.


  • 1x Full Stainless Steel Lice and Nit Comb. Brand New and Unused
  • Nit Comb Removes Nits, Eggs, Head Lice and Head Lice Larvae Effortlessly
  • Contains no chemicals so safe for all ages.
  • So Amazingly Effective – You Can even use these on Your Pets to remove Fleas.
  • Cheapest UK SELLER with 3 – 5 Business Day Delivery


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